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ratting from top end when cold

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13 Apr 2019 08:09 #205988 by jobylilly
Hi does anyone know why my 04 plate Suzuki Jimny rattles from top end until its warm Its done 80000 miles. Could it be the hydraulic lifters?
Cheers David.

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13 Apr 2019 09:33 #205990 by Lambert
Welcome to the forum. When was it last serviced? As in oil and filters?

It's not a Jimny. It's my Jimny

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13 Apr 2019 16:23 #206008 by Max Headroom
Welcome to the forums Jobylilly


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14 Apr 2019 08:12 #206035 by kirkynut
Rattles or a tapping noise from the tappets?

They don't have hydraulic lifters.

How many miles are on it? Single or twin cam?

If twin cam the valves have bucket shims but I think the single cam has adjustable lifters like the old SJ engine it's derived from but I don't own a single cam to have to do it, so I'm not sure.

The twin cams can get tapperty if the shims are not changed but it would take a long time before there's a really adverse effect on the running of the engine.

Regular oil changes with good quality oil are important. I've used fully synthetic recently and it seems to quieter it down a bit, albeit mine wasn't noisy.

If it's a rattle, check the exhaust manifold heat shield is not loose on one stud.


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