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Re:Emissions warning light

08 Mar 2019 22:50 #204334 by Max Headroom
Same with my diesel SAAB - filled with fuel at Asda and it ran like a bag of broken spanners. put Shell V-Power in and it ran like silk - like it had just been tuned.


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10 Mar 2019 06:47 #204373 by kirkynut
Replied by kirkynut on topic Re:Emissions warning light

Scimike wrote: There is nothing wrong with Tesco's petrol as it originates from a refinery just like the rest of the petrol you find. What can differ is the additive packs for cleaner combustion, octane etc, this is added per customer when the tanker is filled, but the source fuel is all the same. Currently I believe Tesco sell BP plus blend or BS standard fuel with out additives.
But Kirknut has a good point in that your fuel my be a possible cause if the vehicle has been standing for a long time. If you have not drained the tank any fuel will have " gone off ", so fresh fuel and a good run may clear the eml. Try a brand fuel or one that promotes a clean engine for the first run.

There's a lot of people who have experienced problems with Tesco fuel and I've had this argument several times. Cleaning agents or lack of will not put the light on. There is an issue with Supermarket fuel.

Just because it comes from the same refinery, doesn't mean it's not cheap stuff that refinery is selling to the retailer as cheap budget crap.

Thorney Motorsport used Tescos 99 until they performed long term tests and found issues. They did post their findings but took them down through fear of legal action. They walked away from a sponsorship deal out of a sense or responsibility. If that's not telling enough I don't know what is.

Explain why the eml lit up on two of my cars due to Tesco fuel and never came on again once that fuel was gone!


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10 Mar 2019 08:02 #204375 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Re:Emissions warning light
Because I wasn't paying attention when I went to Sheffield and back last week I put a tank of bp super 97 in Ermintrude. Seemed to be quieter but that is subjective. What isn't is that as i was with me racing mates we weren't dawdling and even so with the higher octane I had 2/3 of a tank left for the rest of the week when normally a similar trip might use over half a tank of normal 95 so I have to think that it's not all marketing nonsense. That said I'm not about to start paying an extra 8 quid for.a tank of fuel on a regular basis.

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10 Mar 2019 15:05 #204390 by Don76
Replied by Don76 on topic Re:Emissions warning light
Some interesting stuff here. The day before my light came on I was doing around 50 and had a sudden lack of power, lasted around 10 seconds then all was well. I have only had my Jimny a month but it had been stood a while and I am now thinking there may be some dodgy fuel in the tank. I keep filling up so hopefully it will work through. Since re-setting the emissions light it has not come back on. I read with interest Mr Headroom's comments that he also reset his and then was clear for three months without faults.

I have purchased a code reader for next time, because it’s not if, it’s when :laugh:

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10 Mar 2019 22:48 #204432 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Re:Emissions warning light
Plenty of people use supermarket fuel without issue, and I know they don't order the dregs from the tank just to make it cheap.
I worked at an fuel distribution point and each tanker got filled from the same tank, additive packs added per customer, hence some of the extra cost. Texaco and some supermarkets used this distribution point, we maintained the control system.
Currently Tesco sell BP momentum 99 and regular unleaded, well they did when I filled up today.

I can't tell you why your EML light went off with other brands, all I know is how fuel is distributed and that my EML remains off even though I exclusively use supermarket supplied fuels in all my vehicles.
If problems exist it's more likely to be how it is stored once it has been delivered to the individual Petrol station. I have no doubt you have had problems, but it's a big claim to say issues exist with supermarket supplied fuel.

Anyhow each to their own :laugh:

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22 Mar 2019 14:20 #204927 by Don76
Replied by Don76 on topic Re:Emissions warning light
So I got my code reader and the dreaded light came on.

I am showing code P0031 HO2S heater control circuit Low Bank 1 Sensor 1.

Is this the sensor on the exhaust manifold?


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