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Engine splutters and cuts out.

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11 Apr 2019 08:16 #205869 by Yorkie67
I have never used a forum before, so bear with me.

I have a 54 plate Jimny.

** I AM NO MECHANIC...! **

The problem i am having is that it splutters and stalls/stops after 10/15 mins of driving.
Then it won't start again for 15+ mins.
It seems to be once the engine has warmed up, but that is just a guess.
I have changed the Camshaft sensor and put a new battery on it.
When i start it and leave it ticking over, it runs lovely. no missing or or stalling.
A neighbour who has a diagnostic tester, couldn't see a fault on it.
I just would like to get this sorted as it is just sat at home, as i am to worried to take it out to far.

I hope this makes sense...?

Please can anyone help.....? :-(

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11 Apr 2019 08:50 #205870 by Lambert
Welcome to the forum. The replacement sensor, was it a genuine one or an after market one? It's just by the sound of it that should have fixed it if there were no more codes.

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11 Apr 2019 19:10 #205910 by kirkynut
Welcome along.

I think that it will be the crankshaft sensor though.

Is it a hard top or a soft top. If a hard top you can easily read the code with an OBD2 reader, or if it's a rare twin cam soft top as it's the change over year where Suzuki did odd things.


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