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Is it hard to find a well looked after Jimny

17 Mar 2019 14:35 - 17 Mar 2019 14:36 #204689 by Wailin
Hi all,

I have been searching for the last few weeks for a jimny and have looked at models from 2001 to 2005. Today I drove the 2005, decent body and chassis but it felt terribly bouncy on the road, blue smoke coming from exhaust and when i stopped to try transfer box it kept alarming when I was trying to put it into 4W-L.

All others I've driven were full of rust and had the dreaded wobble at speeds above 30mph. Is this the norm for a jimny, or do they actually drive well when not old or abused?

I could have bought the 2005 today for under €1000. I noticed oil around the transfer box, steering felt unpredictable and the light blue smoke from the exhaust. For under 1000 would it be worth buying and sorting these issues out or would you avoid it completely?
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17 Mar 2019 14:58 #204690 by jackonlyjack
It takes along time to find a good one :)
Just find one with good chassis and body work (around body mounts,behind head lights boot floor)
engines are cheap wobbles can be sorted
remember rust is the killer ;)

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17 Mar 2019 15:06 #204692 by Scimike
It is possible to find a good one, but it may be a long search. Not that they are all bad, but numbers for sale is low.

I would run a mile from a smoking engine as it's a reliable lump and even high mileage examples don't tend to smoke.
They are all "bouncy" if you are comparing them to a car, but they are actually quite good for the type of vehicle they are. I assume the last one was noticeably more "bouncy" than the others you have driven, so it could have shot dampers or suspension bushes.
Not all suffer steering wobble, but it is a sign that the steering components have some wear or it's been messed with. A steering damper can mask the wobble and make the steering feel a little less vague, but it's not a fix for worn out steering components. Most common culprit is the kingpin bearings, you are looking at £95 in parts and about 4 - 5 hours work. But Kingpin bearings don't make it bouncy, so this car may have other issues and these are contributing to the wobble.

I would keep looking.
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17 Mar 2019 16:48 #204696 by Wailin
Thanks guys, I guess I'll keep looking. I did miss out on a beautiful well looked after soft top recently, raging i didn't move faster!

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17 Mar 2019 17:44 #204700 by Scimike
Keep going, they are out there..

Rust is number 1 issue.
They generally don't smoke or leak oil.
Vacuum hubs can fail to engage, some fit Free wheel hubs to replace them rather than fix them. £140 should get a set, seen them cheaper.
Wobble is a thing they do, but not all. Check all suspension bushes, joints and for any play in front wheels. If nothing obvious est £160 for some bits to throw at it. If you don't DIY factor in some garage hours for both.
Wobble and hubs are a reason to knock the price down :laugh:

Good luck.

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