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Adding ISOFIX anchors to rear seats

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10 Jul 2018 05:29 #194154 by Bosanek
Suzuki added Isofix anchors to rear Jimny seats sometimes around model year 2012+ (depending on market).

I have seen such Jimnys, and the only difference (regarding the addition of Isofix) which I could notice is that there is a cutout in the center of the back of the rear seats, and there is a metal bar in the cutout, to which the child seat should be anchored.

I took three pictures of that cutout in the rear of the back seats:

Now, I have two questions:

Do newer Jimnys with isofix have any other mounting points except these on the rear surface of the back seats? Has anyone actually anchored an isofix child seat in a isofix-ready Jimny?

How complicated would it be to add the same isofix anchor to an older non-isofix Jimny seat?

I imagine that the conversion steps would be:
  1. remove the seat upholstery;
  2. separate the sponge from the skeleton metal sheet (which actually represents the rear side of the seat);
  3. cut out the hole in the metal sheet;
  4. weld a small metal bar in the hole;
  5. cut out a hole in the rear of the sponge to match the hole in the metal sheet;
  6. assemble everything back together.

What to the others think of this?

P.S.: I know that simply buying second hand isofix rear seats would be a more elegant option, but there are none on offer in my country.

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10 Jul 2018 05:48 #194155 by kirkynut
I think there will be insurance implications to doing this. So you won't be insured if an accident happened.


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10 Jul 2018 11:36 #194164 by S200KYS

"ISOFIX is the international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in passenger cars."

I don't think it really applies if you "cut a hole and weld a bar in" yourself?! :ohmy:

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11 Jul 2018 11:32 #194188 by Bosanek
Regarding insurance, that might be correct, but in my case is not important.

Welding an additional bar in a cutout hole in the steel sheet skeleton in the rear of the rear seat is exactly what Suzuki has done to the rear seats in order to make them Isofix compliant. It is not sophisticated at all.

My only doubt is whether they have done anything else to the rear seats or to the body of the car (regarding Isofix compliance) which I did not notice.

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