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Interior revamping project (various mods and accessories)

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13 Apr 2019 12:54 - 13 Apr 2019 13:06 #205995 by Bosanek
I am in the middle of my own project to revamp my Jimny 3's interior, made in 2012.

Intended final situation:
Upgraded interior primarily for "on road comfort" (a.k.a. "Pavement princess" vehicle) but with some useful all-terrain additions. This means keeping all four seats inside for normal passenger use.

The current situation:
- all seats removed;
- floor carpet removed;
- plastic sill covers on side door openings removed;
- surrounding plastic casings around hand brake and gear lever removed;
- all door trim removed, including moisture barrier nylon foil inside the doors;
- all lower side trim in the cabin removed;
- main wiring bundles released from body;
- all factory speakers removed;
- entire front dash board still in place;
- all upper side trim in the cabin still in place;
- roof trim still in place;

Planned modifications and upgrades:
1. Application of two-stage sound deadening insulation throughout the cabin and in the doors (stage 1 "alubutyl" on body panels and stage 2 "foams" on plastic trims and below the carpet).
2. Application of cavity wax in all interior cavities (doors, sills under the door openings, behind rear vertical lamps, below rear side windows, behind rear speakers ...)
3. Installation of a pair of front Hertz DCX 100.3 speakers (10 cm)
4. Installation of a pair of rear Hertz DCX 130.3 speakers (13 cm)
5. Installation of rear cabin lamp P.N. 36210-74F02-6GS including wiring
6. Installation of additional wiring (more USB charging stations front and rear, wiring for front and rear dash cam, wiring for concealed GPS tracker ...)
7. Enabling 2WD-L transmission mode by fiddling with some wires to the electric transfer box or to the 4WD controller;
8. Possibly the replacement of the factory 2-DIN Clarion radio with something better;

My first question is:
Are there any additional ideas on what to do apart from all this? I must have forgotten something useful!

Dilemmas regarding job 1:

There is a lot of factory applied molten bitumen on the floor.
It does not appear to be well adhered to the metal on "ribbed" areas. I am contemplating whether to invest time and effort (and risks of scratching the panels below) on removing it with the aid of hot air gun, or just to heat it up with it and press it firmly and hope that it sticks this time. If I remove if, I will replace it with proper high quality alubutyl sheets which will certainly adhere well, but they are quite expensive and should be therefore applied sparingly.
Would it be cost effective to to this? Has anyone removed the factory molten bitumen from the floor below the front and rear seats in a Jimny and how did it go?

I will certainly discard the factory cotton mill scrap which is glued onto the floor carpet (and already partly rotten due to molds after just five years of service) and replace it with proper closed cell sound insulating foam.

I am jut not certain whether to risk removing the roof trim in order to apply alubutyl and foams onto the roof, because I could crease the roof trim. Would it make sense to drive the car as-is- to a professional roof trim craftsman and have them remove the roof trim and take the risk? They are all used to removing already ruined roof trims so they usually do not care if they damage it during removal.

Dilemmas regarding job 2:

Is there any benefit in hose spray washing the sill cavities below all the door openings with water, and letting them dry before applying wax inside? If I decide on that, I would have to wait at least until June for the weather to heat up, and even then I suppose it would take at least a week to dry out!
Is there any issue if I just apply the wax inside those cavities now, over the existing dust and dirt inside?

Dilemmas regarding job 4:

Any experiences about cramming in 13 cm speakers into rear speaker position holes? There is enough depth, but I will have to widen the holes, but I have not figured the best method on how to do that.

Dilemmas regarding job 6:
Any specific ideas on what type of wiring to install (which type of cables) and also for which purposes?

Dilemmas regarding job 7:
How the heck to accomplish this with an electric transfer box and push button controls?

Dilemmas regarding job 8:

I am contemplating on the idea of adding a subwoofer, but I suppose it would mean replacing the radio, and not using the Hertz DCX 2-way speakers? What are the experiences of having a subwoofer in a Jimny, and where is the best placement? Which kind of front and rear speakers should be used with it?
In order to use a subwoofer, could I keep the Clarion radio and the Hertz speakers, and just add an amplifier into the system?
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13 Apr 2019 17:14 #206011 by Riccy
Job 1: the bitumen crap is horrible to remove, and only worth the bother where is covers a seam or join in the sheet metal. These are the weak points so effort to dig out and replace should be directed here.
The roof trim is easy to remove, you just need a large, flat & wide scraping tool on a stick to get it off. the glue is zig-zagged rather than spread out so its pretty easy to poke at it with the scraping tool. I used a wall plaster repair tool and taped it to a stick. worked well twice :-) worth having it off as there is nothing in there to deaden sound.

Job 4: Be careful cutting any body shell around the holes for the rear speakers, this is just below the seat belt. some sort of spacers or relocation might be a safer option. There is room in the rear door for shallow speakers.

Job 7: Fit an inline switch to the vac hub solenoid (the white wires at under the battery everyone shorts out when the fit manual hubs. Wire your switch so it shorts out the wires when on).
Switch it on before using the usual procedure to get to low box. The 4wd controller will assume the hubs have done their job, then shift the ratios accordingly, but without the front wheel hubs engaged. reverse procedure to get back out.

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13 Apr 2019 20:06 #206024 by Daniel30
I know hertz are good but Fit decent composite speakers to the front much better sound

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