This website is divided into two sections:

1. Main site and forum

2. Web Store

Each section collects and handles data as follows:

Website and Forum

Email address - the Website/Forum collects your email address in order that you will receive the initial authorisation email and any subsequent alert messages (such as new post notifications) that you will have selected to receive.

Any other information is optional and is not used by the Website/Forum itself for any purpose. No marketing emails are sent.

Web store

The Web Store collects enough information to enable orders to be fulfilled. As a minimum these are:

Email address - order processing messages

Postal address - destination for the purchase

Phone number - required for courier packages only and passed to courier company only where they insist on a number for delivery purposes. Bigjimny may call this number in the event of a problem with your order.

Any other information is optional and is not used by the website itself for any purpose. 

The financial handling is performed by Paypal, no financial data other than the content of an order is retained.


The Website/Forum NEVER sends marketing information or any form of offers or sales communication and never re-sells or passes on your data.

Data Transfer

The Website/Forum NEVER sends your information in any form to 3rd parties

The Web Store will send:

1. Order information to Paypal

2. Postal information to courier companies, this may include a phone number where the courier requires it but never includes email addresses

Data Retention/Storage

The Website/Forum retains your account information (minimum of email address) as long as you remain active on the website. Idle accounts are automatically deleted after 12 months have elapsed. Public Posts made by users remain on the forum after their accounts have been deleted.

The Web Store retains your account information and order history for account reference purposes. It is only deleted on a specific request from the user.

The website is located in a cloud datacentre in London, UK. The website is secured using standard UNIX utilities and techniques designed for Internet use. An additional Firewall package is installed to further enhance security. The site is updated to keep it inline with the current distributions of Debian Jessie, Joomla and Cubecart. It is backed up daily with a standard maximum archive time of 1 week so data is retained in the standard backup archive for 1 week. A snapshot archive is taken roughly every 6 months, only a single snapshot it retained so there is a maximum time for retention of this archive of 6 months.