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Trailmaster 50mm (2") Lift Kit

Trailmaster 50mm (2") Lift Kit
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Product Information



This is the lift kit I have fitted to "LittleJimny" which is a road going "daily driver" vehicle. Many people have reported over the years on how good this kit is for road manners. Many Jimnys have to spend a good part of their life on the road going shopping, to school or work. Extreme lifts give the already less than ideal road handling of a Jimny a real turn for the worse. However this kit, through its use of quality products and good design, retains the Jimnys road handling and, on our Jimmy, positively improved the normally "crash/bang" ride over the bumps.

Delivered direct to you from the manufacturer (takes about 5 -7 working days).

A number of options are available

1. Sport/Comfort - Sport gives a firmer ride, comfort is a pleasant ride - 95% of customers have bought comfort.

2. With ABS/ without ABS - the "without ABS" kit contains a bracket to re-position the brake balancer, ABS cars do not need this.


Postage to UK is included in the price.

See for my own build.

This kit raises your vehicle 50mm, this is not a vast lift but a lovely "just right" height before you get into major modification issues.

The kit contains:

  • +50mm Front and Rear spring sets
  • +50mm Front and Rear shock sets
  • Extended rear brake hose
  • Extended bump stops.
  • Fitting instructions and TUV certification

I import the Trailmaster Kits from the EU into the UK and therefore costs are subject to the EURO/£ exchange rate. I try to keep the cost of the kits competitive which means only a small margin for me. Because of the small margin I am exposed to any significant swings in exchange rates.

I will try and maintain the pricing but should the £ to Euro rate move significantly. I may have to re-quote people after they have submitted an order in order to protect me. In the event that the revised price is not acceptable to the purchaser a full and immediate refund will be given.

Product CodeGen 3 Trailmaster

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

trailmaster 2" lift kit & polybushes

Bought and fitted the trailmaster 2" lift comfort kit, as well as a full set of castor corrected polybushes. all arrived with no problems. The suspension kit was very easy to fit, includes all parts you will need (including 2x extended rear brake hoses, which turned out not to be needed (my car only has one hose dropping to rear axle anyway). I only had to use spring compressors on one corner. The kit has done what it says... jacked it up and slightly improved the comfort. Then went on the castor corrected polybushes. these seem to have sorted out the steering self centre issue as well as stiffening it up all round. they were an absolute pain to get the old ones out, easy fit the new ones tho as they come in 2 sections (apart from panhard rod, which pressed in with a vice ok). The new bushes are also a nice bright orange and match the new springs/shocks well. Overall i'm very happy with the kit and would reccomend to anybody who uses their jimny on the road most of the time. The two kits together make it handle like a go cart on the road and flex/stretch better offroad :-) (Mar 05 2016, 07:24 AM)
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