Kingpin Annealed Copper Shims

Kingpin Annealed Copper Shims
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Snake Oil or a Cure????

One solution for Kingpin wobble/loose steering that has been told to me by a number of people is the use of soft (annealed) Copper Washers. The annealing process makes them soft and easily deformed. The principle is that you put them onto the TOP Kingpin Bearing  when you are replacing the Bearings and then tighten down to the correct torque.

The washers deform and crush, taking up any remaining play in the joint. This was apparently a well known technique when solid axle cars were more common.

A number of people on this forum have tried them and had different results varying from a small improvement through to a cure, no negative effects have been reported.

To install:

1. The kit contains 4 washers, you will install two per side.

2. Undo the top Kingpin (the four bolts on top) and prise the Kingpin out.

3. Slip over two of the washers

4. Put some sealant on the Kingpin and replace.

5. Torque down to the recommended setting (25Nm)

6. Repeat on the other side.


Product CodeCopper Shims - - Suzuki Jimny

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Wobble fixed.

Having tried many different ways of curing the Jimny death wobble. I thought for £2 it's got to be worth a go. Took me half an hour to fit them and I was staggered by how well they work. I now have NO wheel wobble at any speed. Cheers Toby (Sep 02 2011, 15:46 PM)

Washers review

Tested these for Martin, worked a treat! Before fitting I was afraid to go over 50MPH on the straights.... she wandered / bounced all over the place :( I was tempted to buy a steering damper.... however cost was an issue. After fitting I have taken her up to 80MPH and felt safe, steering / handling is vastly improved and I have to admit I was amazed that something so simple could make such a difference! All in all took me a few hours to fit.... however mainly due to finding a sheared brake caliper bolt, if I was just fitting the shims it would have taken me an hour tops :) A job any amature could easily undertake with basic tools and a jack :) Bert (May 03 2011, 21:02 PM)
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