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01/11/08 - Adrian's Jimny

Adrian has sent in these pictures from Barbados. This is a Jimny build in progress and the first pictures below are the starting point. It will shortly have a body lift fitted.

  5162 Hits
5162 Hits

27/10/08 - Russ' Jimny

Russ is building up a Jimny and has converted the rear bumper in a particularly nice conversion (see HERE).

He has now put on a RhinoRay Spring Lift.

Here is the car before he started...

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7208 Hits

24/10/08 - Cutting the wheelarches

In order to fit larger wheels you have to cut the wheel arches to stop them rubbing. My Jimny was already modified so I have not had to cut the wheelarches myself. However a number of people have asked how it is done and what needs to be done. Therefore I have put photos of mine below to show what has been done. The pictures are clickable to make them larger.......

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8433 Hits

24/10/08 - Clutch Cable

Another common problem with Jimnys is a sticking/rough clutch cable. The clutch pedal becomes very heavy to press and there is a roughness you can feel under your foot. In fact this is such a common problem with off-road driven vehicles that I would check the clutch cable first rather than change the clutch.

The problem is that the cable seems to pull mud and dirt back into the cable sheath and gradually the cable liner wears through. So to changing the clutch cable.....

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21/10/08 - Montys Jimny

Graeme AKA Monty has sent in some pictures of his modified Jimny.

Its current specification is:

2" suspension lift
Procomp 3000 shocks
2" body lift
15x8 alloys with 31x10.5x15 Insa Sahara MT's
12000lb cordless winch
rear diff locker
uprated transfer mounts
castor correction bushes
cb radio
now resprayed in white no pics as yet

forthcoming mods

rocklobster transfer box
4"suspension lift

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