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07 Dec 2017 12:54 #187154 by Shakey
Newbie was created by Shakey
I'm new to the forum and could do with some guidance with improving the off road abilities of my 2001 softy. Up untill now I've used my road Jimny which is mainly used for gaining access to woodland via woodland track using 4WD as required. However the track is now beyond the ability of my bog standard vehical due to usage of other off road vehicals, I will need to fit a lift kit and new wheels. Is there a spreadsheet of modifications that can be applied to my jimny and keep it road legal?

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07 Dec 2017 13:16 #187155 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Newbie
Welcome. Basically so long as you don't do anything to upset the mot man then within reason the sky is the limit for what you are able to do to a Jimny. That said, be sure to notify your insurer and accept that many general insurance companies can't cope with any modifications. As for lifts and bigger tyres there are various limits of what you can do before you need to do more and more to get it to work properly again. For example 215.75 tyres are as big as the arches will take on a standard Jimny, bigger than that needs a lift for clearance and it starts to affect the standard gearing too. However you can fit a reduction transfer case commonly known as a rocklobster,ant a body lift and trim the arches and fit 35 inch tyres if you want. The thing is that a Jimny is a great small 4x4 and if you play to it's strengths and pick a different line to the land rovers and tractors it is perfectly possible to get just as far.

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