Grey Pictures! 19 Mar 2017

Pictures from IPHONES in PORTRAIT mode are coming out grey. Either take the picture in landscape mode or upload to a sharing site such as Photobucket or use a picture editor to remove the EXIF data.
For the technically minded. Apple mark the picture orientation in the EXIF data embedded in the picture. The Linux graphics library "GD" has a known problem with this and fails to process the picture. I cannot change the library without a change in the way that the forum handles graphic.

Pictures taken in landscape do not have this issue. Our eyes work in landscape mode so why take pictures in portrait mode!

If you upload the picture to a file sharing site such has photobucket etc. and link it into your post , this also cures the problem.

If you re-size or process the picture (for example use to remove the EXIF data) then this fixes the issue. However if you have removed the EXIF data you may need to rotate the picture if necessary before you upload it.
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