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Should i install an exhaust heatshield too???

22 Sep 2022 19:40 #245062 by Vandoni
I'm installing a bike muffler in place of my rear muffler (SN413 3rd gen Jimny), should i install a heatshield like the stock muffler had?
The bike muffler is a lot smaller and there would be a lot of free space for air to flow under the car and near the bumper so i shouldn't have the same problem with the plastic bumper overheating (i think). (right now i can smell a burning plastic smell when i rev over 3500 RPM, and i think it's the poor rear bumper that's overheating)
Do you guys think i should take the old heatshield from the stock muffler and try to adapt it just to be sure?

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22 Sep 2022 20:22 - 22 Sep 2022 20:31 #245063 by Scimike
It will be fine without in my opinion. I have a "bike style" rear silencer and have had no issues and plenty of benefits.
ITs possible it's even slightly longer than a bike unit, nothings melting or getting too hot.The OEM silencer is way too big and heavy.

That said the stock muffler did not melt or heat up the rear plastic, but it's possible the exhaust system is fitted poorly. There is not much space for the stock system, even less with a tow bar, so it takes a bit of careful "jiggling" to get the clearance correct.

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22 Sep 2022 20:36 #245065 by Vandoni
ya, right now i just have the rear muffler removed and the pipe that connected to its flange is spewing exhaust gases in the space where the muffler was, so the problem might go away with a muffler installed, anyway, thanks for the answer!

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