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Re:Infotainment system compass not aligned

17 Jul 2020 23:37 #225259 by Antman84
New to this forum, so apologies if I stumble...
Picked up my 2020 Jimny a week ago and have noticed an issue with the compass icon on the infotainment screen.

In the home screen there are four quadrants, with Navigation appearing in the bottom left. It shows a small circle with N S E W on it as a compass. The circle and letters rotate as you drive around such that (from what I can tell) the direction you are travelling is always at the 12 o’clock position on the compass.

However, it appears to be slightly off (by maybe 45 degrees). For instance, drive on a road I know to be due north (and cross checked using my iPhone compass), the Jimny says I’m actually going north-west. That is instead of tracking to 0 degrees the car is showing (approx) 305 deg. Note it doesn’t actually show the degrees as numbers but you get the idea.

Anyone else experience this? Or even better know of a fix? Googling it has not achieved much.
Thanks in advance.

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18 Jul 2020 03:49 #225262 by zukebob
I don't own a Gen4 but will throw out an idea. Beginning with an assumption that you don't know the road you are driving to be due north because of your iPhone, you may have a situation where your infotainment system needs to be calibrated. I would assume that the car's system works with a magnetometer as your iPhone does. Calibration is sometimes required on smart phones and may also be needed with your Jimny. Personally, I would first buy or borrow a cheap old fashioned real compass and confirm a direction compared to the unit. If you really have confidence in the iPhone, then I would go to the dealer and ask about possible calibration.

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18 Jul 2020 06:51 #225264 by CC Baxter
Use the satnav, set yourself a few detinations and let them run the full course. The unit is a fairly basic navigation system and seems (initially) to take a little while to learn where it is and where it's going. Hope it works for you. Chris

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18 Jul 2020 08:22 #225266 by mlines
Basic sat nav does not have a flux based compass. It relies on GPS bearing information which is only available when driving. It is possible to determine if a sat nav is only GPS based by stopping. If the direction arrow randomly spins then it's GPS only

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18 Jul 2020 09:15 #225267 by Antman84
Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions.

I have a few things to try. It goes in for its standard one month service in August. So if I don’t have any luck by then, I’ll ask the dealer.


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21 Jul 2020 02:11 #225408 by Antman84
So, a quick update.
Went for a long freeway / hills drive on the weekend. Set the satnav from home to a destination 30km away.

Initially, the satnav was horribly misaligned. Driving up the freeway, the 'Arrow' symbol said I was about 500m off the freeway. As a result, it kept trying to get me back on the freeway via side roads and on-ramps.

After about 10 minutes of driving, it calibrated and was spot on.

However, when not actively navigating, the compass is still misaligned (per my initial post).

Still a few other things to try before asking the dealer. But it's annoying me less and less to the point I may end up just ignore it.

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