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Steel Bumper and Trailmaster Suspension

17 May 2020 21:06 #222459 by wicho001
Guys Ive been browsing looking for my answer but nothing came up.

Last week I installed the trailmaster suspension (comfort) to my gen4 Jimny and now I would like to know if I can install an AFN steel bumper with my current setup.

Thanks in advanced,


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17 May 2020 21:37 #222460 by Roger Fairclough
If the springs are a comfort setting ie soft, then adding a steel bumper, which will be a lot heavier than the standard plastic one, will cause the front to droop.

By how much is very much suck it and see.


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18 May 2020 00:41 - 18 May 2020 00:43 #222463 by zukebob
If my memory serves me correctly, the Trailmaster springs have the same spring rate for both comfort and sport versions for the Gen3 kits. The difference between the two is the valving of the dampers. If the Gen4 Trailmaster kits are the same, then mounting the bumper would have the same effect on either kit. I'm sure Martin can confirm.

As Roger says, the likely result of the steel bumper will be some compression of the front springs. How much that is will be determined when (or if) you do it. You may be lucky and someone on the forum has Trailmaster springs and has mounted a similar bumper.

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18 May 2020 07:41 #222468 by mlines
zukebob is correct, the springs are identical between "comfort" and "sport", it is the shock that changes valving.

For my gen3 I fitted "Diesel" springs for this reason. The Diesel springs are designed to take the weight of a diesel engine and still give the 50mm lift so I went with the theory that they would help with the winch bumper.

The Gen3 and Gen4 springs are interchangeable so you could fit a Gen3 Diesel spring to a Gen4. HOWEVER, you have the issue of the new front cross member and the prop-shaft. If the winch bumper does not compress the diesel springs enough you may get contact between the propshaft and the cross member (in a similar way to 3" lift kits.)



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