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2012 Jimny Starting Problem

25 Mar 2020 10:15 #220247 by gavgreen10

Parked my Jimny up in my local forest the other day and returned to it after a couple of hours only for it to be completely dead. Battery appeared fine as everything else electrical worked - elec windows, dash lights, etc. A mate of mine came out and we tried jump starting it anyhow which didn't work. AA guy came out and we bump started it after he confirmed the battery was reading fine. He said he had seen it before but didn't know what the cause or outcome was as he just got the guy home.

After he started it, I dropped it off at a local garage. I started / stopped the car several times, open / closed the doors, etc and it fired up perfectly every time with no repeat of the problem.

People have suggested an immobiliser but, after consulting the manual, it says the padlock light flashes if there is an issue and mine was solid (see photo). People have also suggested a key fault, faulty ignition barrel and, most likely perhaps, the starter motor - corroded / loose wires, etc. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar problem and had any other suggestions? Any help or advice is appreciated. My Jimny is a 2012 JSA M13A. Hope someone can help.



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25 Mar 2020 15:34 #220252 by RainerK
Replied by RainerK on topic 2012 Jimny Starting Problem

If it would be the immobilizer the also (or especially) a bump start would not work.

When you tried starting, did you hear the „click“ of the starter solenoid?

If not, then probably this solenoid is starting to die. The usual temporary quick fix is to give the solenoid and the starter s slight tap with a hammer.

This only works for a limited time, so it would be advisable to repair/replace the starter.

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25 Mar 2020 16:54 #220255 by gavgreen10

Thanks for your reply. I did hear the click yes when I tried starting it. The garage inspected it today and apparently the exciter wire was corroded / dirty so they have cleaned it up. Hopefully that should do the trick and it isn't anything electronic. I take your point about the immobiliser - that's what the garage said also - so pleased it isn't that by the looks of it.

Fingers crossed it doesn't re-occur.

Thanks again.

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25 Mar 2020 17:17 #220257 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic 2012 Jimny Starting Problem
Hi Gav,

I believe we have talked about this on facebook. Glad you got it sorted. The little wire on the starter motor is a common source of annoyance in wet weather or mudplugging.

Its worth getting used to where that it is to give it a wiggle if you have the problem again


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27 Mar 2020 10:04 #220309 by gavgreen10
Hi Riccy,

Yes thanks for your help on facebook and on here. Having the wire cleaned up seems to have done the trick. Came back from the garage OK and went out yesterday in the Jim for some essential supplies with no issues. Due to the gov lockdown now, looks like it won't be moving for a while but I'll turn it over on the drive to check all is well. Thanks again.

Good health and best wishes,


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