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Brake pedal solid ignition off

29 Aug 2019 23:44 #212859 by Blackout
Hi all not sure if this normal or not but if I have brake pedal depressed and switch engine off it lifts the pedal and is solid.. cannot pump the brake. Soon as turn engine on it’s back to normal. Is this normal for Jimny?

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30 Aug 2019 01:53 #212860 by Owl
Replied by Owl on topic Brake pedal solid ignition off
If the brakes are vacuum assisted (have brake booster) the pedal goes harder when engine off.

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30 Aug 2019 05:32 #212862 by Lambert
That's good, it suggests that there's no air in your brake system. Have you tried in a controlled environment to stop the car with the engine off? You should have 2 ish presses of the pedal before the remaining vacuum is bled off and then the solid pedal but with just enough movement to stop the car. It will take effort especially if you are not built like fat Thor.

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31 Aug 2019 08:45 #212902 by kirkynut
This is good and proves your brake servo us working ok.


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31 Aug 2019 16:47 #212919 by 602
Replied by 602 on topic Brake pedal solid ignition off

My first post here ... and I'm going to talk about another marque ... but it might save somebody's life.

My wife ran me up a young Welsh mountain, in a Triumph 2500TC, wityh a few tools in the boot. She waited while I changed my punctured tyre. I drove down the hill, met a lorry coming up, pulled onto the verge.

" Wonder where she is going to ... now what has she done?", as she clipped my front wing ... and disappeared over a 100ft cliff. Luckily she was caught by a tree, about 15ft down..

Truck driver and I clambered down, car was wedged, on it's side between cliff and tree. Open door upwards. SWMBO sitting in passenger footwell, feet on the drivers seat. I told the truck driver to grab an ankle, and we'd pull her out. "Oh no you won't! I'm coming out head first!."

Nobody had ever told her not to freewheel, with a dead engine in a car with vacuum brakes. She was a very nervous passenger for several weeks.

Park on hill ...switch off engine ...pump pedal to get rid of vacuum ... pedal will go hard ... engage third gear... ... switch on ignition .... depress clutch ... drop hand brake ... let car roll. When you reach about 10mph, try to stop[ using brakes. SCAREY, ISN'T IT?

Lift clutch pedal, engine will turn, and you will have brakes again. It's not a pleasant experience. BUT NOW YOU KNOW!

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