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Help naming engine sensors

06 Dec 2018 10:47 #198709 by Basketcase
I’ve had a look online at the wiki on manualslib that was posted in the forum a while back. It’s only for the m13 engine. I have the g series and need to know what the sensors are on the intake side. Does anyone know which is which? Iac, TPS, map etc? Any help would be great

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06 Dec 2018 20:26 #198722 by Delux
Replied by Delux on topic Help naming engine sensors
Ok. Had to go out in the rain and sketch this quickly....

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g13 by deeelux deeelux , on Flickr

1. IAT sensor. Inlet air temp sensor, does what it says

2. TP sensor. Throttle position sensor, tells the ECU how hard you want to accelerate

6. MAP sensor. Manifold absolute pressure sensor. Tells the ECU the amount of vacuum in the inlet manifold. Vacuum changes under load or when altitude changes

7. CMP sensor. Cam sensor. Tells the ECU when to advance or retard the ignition usually. Like the vacuum advance on an old distributor.

11. ECT sensor. Coolant temp.

E. IAC valve. Idle air control valve. When the car is idling, the throttle flap is shut. The ECU moves this to allow enough air in to keep the car idling at the correct idle speed. The amount it has to open depends on air and coolant temp etc. Valves often stick!

Hope this helps, feel like I'm back at college but sober this time! LOL!


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