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permanent 4WDH any issues?

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30 Oct 2018 16:57 #197178 by larnach
hi again
2007 VVT electronic shift transfer box
shift actuator finally crapped itself, I used to tap it with a rubber hammer and the system would go in and out ok but after a couple of months stopped that trick and green light flashing all the time , I dropped the transfer box ( had previously purchased a second hand box complete with actuator )
The removed actuator motor was crappy inside ( had to cut the 3 phils screw heads so one way trip there as melted the plastic body the screws go into.)
Rust and much stickiness of the motor windings in the cup.
Anyway, I installed the new box, connected up wiring and props, started the car, no green light flashing on dash:) , ( box was in 2WD) car was all jacked up off the ground. pushed to engage the 4WDH,, actuator only moved a little according to my ear and not the full cycle the original used too, green light now flashes all the time 1 second intervals and the front prop is being driven ( no actuation of the hubs through the vac. system.
no amount of button pushing changes the situation so don't know if its the new box or a carry over from the initial set up
most of all this is bloody frustrating..
The option I am considering is to leave it running through the transfer box in 4WDH ( yes accept millage change) and fit manual hubs.
I would pull the connectors to the controler unit which gets rid of all 4x4 lights on the dash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
has anybody got any comments on this strategy?????????????????????????????????????.
By the way, I only use it to go round fields and up tracks when out shooting and need 4x4 but need to do 15 miles public black top roads to get there so manual hubs fix. Evan although the vacuum system is currently working.
OH and the wife prefers the Jinny to run it round the villages rather than her arbath but that can be remedied

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30 Oct 2018 18:08 #197184 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic permanent 4WDH any issues?
If you unplug the wiring to the t-box and bridge two of the pins it will make the lights on the dash stop, manual hubs and away you go. you can leave the speedo sensor connected as its a separate plug/sensor.

have a look at the end of this topic and the wire bridge is shown there:

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06' pickup tipper project


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30 Oct 2018 19:01 #197185 by larnach
Replied by larnach on topic permanent 4WDH any issues?
hay Riccy a great supportive note and looks so easy thank you very much
I will be checking the actuator with the 3v tester first, if it is the actuator Ill replace it, if is not I will revert to thisl plan of leaving it in 4WDH

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