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Exhaust Knocking?

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05 Jul 2018 20:17 #194034 by RedRhino
Exhaust Knocking? was created by RedRhino
Hi Folks,
First post on here so ill keep things to the point. About a week ago the exhaust link pipe inbetween the cat and the backbox completley snapped in half. Took it down to the local garage to get it replaced the same day, (normally somthing I would do myself but I needed it running). Anyways after it being replaced the engine is making a knocking noise, seems to only be on one cylinder but I can't tell for sure the lads who replaced the exhaust were certainly a bit rough with her as the nuts were seriously rusted on. Just wondered if anyone knows the likely contender is; manifold gasket? kinda sounds like the tappets need adjusting but I dont want the be taking off the cylinder head without being sure.
Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot

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06 Jul 2018 05:23 #194042 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Exhaust Knocking?
As it wasn't doing it before the garage touching it then it's on them to identify and rectify. Workmanship warranty and all that.

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06 Jul 2018 10:42 #194044 by 1390_taz
Replied by 1390_taz on topic Exhaust Knocking?
Welcome to the forum
I would second that of "Lambert" if it was'nt knocking before you took it to the garage, take it back
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06 Jul 2018 10:47 #194045 by RedRhino
Replied by RedRhino on topic Exhaust Knocking?
You make a good point Lambert, think I will return it when I get the time. The lads at the garage are pretty understanding so I hope they'll be able to sort it. Just can't work out if it is a coincidence or not.

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07 Jul 2018 13:16 #194089 by mickt
Replied by mickt on topic Exhaust Knocking?
The exhaust system consists of the front downpipe with flex and cat followed by a pipe that links that to the back box. The second pipe goes over the rear axle.That pipe is flanged front and rear so it is a simple matter of removing four bolts and unclipping the rubbers. Of course the bolts can be seized but with a little bit of common sense they can be got off without too much fretting. I had to take off the front pipe which is held on the car the same way and the back bolts were a challenge but came off eventually. I was having to lie under the car for access as well. I assume the garage had it on a ramp lift so it should have been straight forward. By the way the nuts are part of the flange so the bolts are what are removed. So unless it was the downpipe that was removed they were only removing plumbing and so that should not have affected the engine. If it was the front pipe then they would have had to disconnect the post cat sensor.

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