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Jimny trayback/ utes

25 Nov 2010 17:46 #6484 by Nelson83
Nelson83 created the topic: Jimny trayback/ utes
I couldnt believe my eyes earlier on - I'm sat having a few beers and watching a dvd i'm going to show my students (I'm teaching livestock husbandry on animal care course) and what appears in my dvd - A trayback jimny/ ute jimny!!!! :ohmy: beer is then spilt everywhere and i grab the remote and hit the rewind!!!!

Yeap its definately at trayback jimny/ ute jimny :woohoo: but even better theres a new shape jimny ute in the same shot!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: WHEY HEY!!!! Get in there!! What are the chances of that??!!!

The dvd is called "Sheep Station NZ (Dylan Winters) from www.oldpond.com - I was expecting the usual twin and space cab utes but to see jimny utes in action well......... i was impressed!!!! I'm glad io spent the 20 notes on it :P Just got to remember not to cheer when its the students turn to watch it

Eat, sleep, milk cows

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25 Nov 2010 19:54 #6493 by darthloachie
darthloachie replied the topic: Re: Jimny trayback/ utes
one of these?

Attachment Jimnyute2.jpg not found

how about this?

Attachment 4dr.jpg not found


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25 Nov 2010 20:17 #6506 by Nelson83
Nelson83 replied the topic: Re: Jimny trayback/ utes
It was more like the first one, but with a huge dog cage on the back, bfgs and proper rims :-P Think ozzy/ nz utes then imagine the jimny version - they both had snorkels and the biggest bull/ roo bar i've ever seen - the sort of stuff the ministry in britain would know about even before you had drawn the idea on the back of a fag packet!!! I think i might have found my jimny heaven!!!!

Eat, sleep, milk cows

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26 Nov 2010 19:18 #6544 by kirkynut
kirkynut replied the topic: Re: Jimny trayback/ utes
I'd like a ute one and it will make a quick and simple trayback challenge truck!

Just an ORA 4 inch lift kit with all the trimmings, 31 inch tyres, exo-cage, front, rear and centre winches, rocklobster and away you go.

You just have to remove the load bed in the back and it's easy peasey. Now, how much to import one from New Zealand then ... :whistle:


The underdog often starts the fight, and occasionally the upper dog deserves to win - Edgar Watson Howe.

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