BigJimny Meet - 2020 (01 Nov 2019)

Its the big one! The 50th Anniversary of the Jimny.

17th May 2020

Parkwood (Tong - near Leeds)



Event details are HERE

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CB - Charlie Bravos Dewsbury

31 Oct 2010 15:19 #5596 by leswilluk
My CB aerial is mounted on the roof bar which is not earthed the swr does not seem to be to bad, on my old Vitara I had a similar set up and I messed about earthing it to see if it improved the swr it made no difference what soever, I think that the screen of the cable is earthed through the radio which makes it unnecessary to run a separate earth but that is just a guess on my part as I have not tested it to see

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31 Oct 2010 15:37 #5597 by Reloaded
Thanks 1eswilluk! That's what I was thinking with the magmount - the earth goes right back through the radio and along the power cable.

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01 Nov 2010 11:48 #5627 by ooky_123
A Good Ground plain is only really important the smaller your Ariel gets ...


Former owner of Little "Ooky", who has now started a new life in Shetland

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