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G13bb to g16b engine conversion

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23 Dec 2017 11:06 #187743 by Serg1996
Hi, I want to swap my g13bb to a g16b but im having a hard time finding a baleno in my price range. I can easily access a g16b engine running a distributer cap and I was wondering if I can still use this engine and replace the head with the jimny one which runs coil packs. Also if anyone had any tips on the conversion that would be great.

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  • GV (2010) Gen 3 Jimny
23 Dec 2017 14:04 #187747 by MadsV
You dont have to change the head, just move the cam and over from the g13bb. You probably have to do it anyways! I have done it one time and doing it again on my new Jimny. Search this forum, and auszookers forum and you will find good info. You need the green injectors from the g16b, a conversion kit with engine mount, replace clutch at same time(optional but easy). Technical insight would be good to have! :)

Norwegian 01 Jimny
2” Trail Master
215/75-15 -15 offset wheels
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24 Dec 2017 21:42 - 24 Dec 2017 21:45 #187764 by BENNY
Replied by BENNY on topic G13bb to g16b engine conversion
The best engine grand Vitara 2000 -2002 they have the correct cam 11 point cam pick up..waterbabies 4x4 on Facebook and ebay sell the adapter kit.. swap the heater pipe input /output and replace it with the blanking plate in the kit.
Swap the alternator bracket use the jimny one and the jimny power steering pump bracket and use the jimny flywheel and clutch ..use the jimny inlet and exhaust manifolds..you will need a skinny starter motor I found the old vitar as have them on
Last edit: 24 Dec 2017 21:45 by BENNY.

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24 Dec 2017 22:16 #187765 by TomDK
There's no best engine to use. It all depends where jimny you have. If it's the soft top jimny you need a g16b engine from a baleno with 2 lugs on camshaft pickup ring and crankshaft sensor.

+3" Trail Master. Fox 8.0" R/R shocks. ORA HD winchbumper. Warn M8274 Ox-motor + Hellfire gears, Delta-Tek mainshaft and freespool, overvolted. 33/9.5 R16 Silverstone Extreme. 5.14:1 ratio SJ transferbox in RW cradle. OMP rollcage.

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05 Nov 2018 18:26 #197344 by Rabid Rhino
I have 2 Jimnys with stock G13BB engines abroad so I can't get to them
1998 LHD Tin Top
2003 LHD Soft Top

I also have 2 Baleno 1,600 engines. One from a 1996 Baleno & one from a 1998 Baleno

From the information I have read over the net it seems the later model ( 99-2000 ) Baleno engines are the ones to get when changing over. As they have coil packs like the Jimny G13bb.
So what problems can I expect with the 1996 & 1998 G16b engines when putting them into my Jimnys ?

Looking for a nice clean and straight LHD Jimny..... Not any more.
Got one that seems to have been magnatized and driven through the "Big Jimny Bits" parts stores too quickly so it missed a few items.

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