BigJimny Meet - 2020 (01 Nov 2019)

Its the big one! The 50th Anniversary of the Jimny.

17th May 2020

Parkwood (Tong - near Leeds)



Event details are HERE

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KAP Suzuki Jimny - rebuilt for the road

28 Jan 2017 20:25 #177446 by Daniel30
Nice one fingers crossed you have a bit of luck now ;)

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30 Jan 2017 05:00 #177509 by Kabani
Awesome thing, making an engine swap. I am new in this forum because I just got a Jinmy 2003, 1.3L M13a pretol. Everything is stock. There's gonna come a moment in which the stock engine will be closer to require an overhaul. In that case I am eager to perform an engine swap. Definitely I am using the M16a from Suzuki Swift. It's gonna be a couple of years so I have time to find that engine in great conditions.
I want a bit of more juice from the current 1.3L engine in the mean time.
Can anybody list the alternatives to achieve that, please.
And making a list of requirements to fit a 1.6L engine, just like the one the OP used to upgrade his jimny.

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