Overlanding and offroading trips in former Yugoslavia

12 Dec 2016 12:54 - 13 Dec 2016 12:19 #175574 by Bosanek
Here I will post primarily my own pictures and videos from my overlanding and offroading trips in the mountains of the western Balkans.

Most of them are performed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I occasionally visit surrounding countries (Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia). Therefore I named this topic as being in "former Yugoslavia", because all these countries were part of Yugoslavia for the most part of the 20th century, and so are better known as such.

We only have a few 4x4 clubs here, and most of them are "die-hard" types where most of the members are uber-rich or uber-stupid (or both). That means that they either have very expensively or very-stupidly modified vehicles, but the common trait is that they drive like maniacs or idiots, and love to get stuck, roll over or break a tree or an axle.

Their vehicles have hundreds of horse powers under the bonnet, and one at the steering wheel.
Per every 100 km, their vehicles consume a liter of oil, while the driver consumes a liter of alcohol.

To make the matters worse, there are hardly any laws (or enforcements) to regulate and punish deliberate destruction of nature and landscape caused by irresponsibly driving off road (for example, "plowing" the field on hard throttle or mutilating muddy forest roads). Those people just love to do that. I don't even want to appear in the same picture with them.

That's not the name of my game.

My videos have three purposes:
1. To show the beauty of local mountains and landscapes. We have such places over here which certainly mimic places only found in Afganistan or Iceland! Not to mention some others!
2. To show how to drive responsibly and sensibly off road (avoiding destruction of vehicle and nature as much as possible)
3. And (of course) to show Jimny doing what it was meant to do!

My Jimny is a factory diesel edition ("DDiS" - with 1.5 dCi Renault engine).
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12 Dec 2016 13:04 - 12 Dec 2016 13:06 #175575 by Bosanek
Here are some of my first ever made videos with Jimny, dating from 2014.
Excuse my poor driving at the time, and bad filming in certain moments.

Also, the actual steepness of the terrain is typically hard to notice on video!

First, a short video on Bjelašnica mountain's Crveni Klanac pass, near Sarajevo city [rocky crawling]

Second, a two-part video on Crepoljsko mountain above Sarajevo city [mud and snow]

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12 Dec 2016 18:56 #175592 by 1066Boy
Well done mate. Its nice to see somebody driving sensibly. So many people think the answer is
to point it in the right direction and hit the throttle. :)

Jimny JLX Facelift model 2005.
Kashmir Blue Pearl Metallic.
2" lift with Procomp Es1000 shocks.
Diff and transfer box guards from Jimnybits.
215/75/15 General Grabber x3's
and a driver called Allan (1066Boy)

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12 Dec 2016 21:41 #175596 by Young Pretender
Yep, enjoyed those. Keep them coming.

Looks like you have some beautiful scenery on your doorstep!

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12 Dec 2016 22:21 #175600 by Busta
I find it very strange seeing a Jimny but hearing a diesel engine! It looks like a beautiful part of the world. You are lucky to be able to enjoy so much of it.

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08 Apr 2017 11:23 #180061 by Bosanek
Here is a two-part video from a "Suzuki-exclusive" overlanding event (two Samurais and my Jimny) near Vareš town in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Perun mountain).

Part 1 - very boggy and frozen forest tree poaching track - not really pretty to watch, unless you like Blair-witch-style ambient:

Part 2 - much more diverse and vivid scenery and surroundings:

Altitude was around 1300 - 1500 meters asl.

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