SUNDAY 4th October 2020


BigJimny has arranged an event on October 4th at  Parkwood 4x4 (Tong) near Leeds, Yorkshire. This is a meet-up with 4x4 off-road drive around event.

All participants must be pre-booked, turn up ad-hoc on the day will not be permitted. General spectators are not permitted as there is only limited space . Everyone attending should have a seat in a booked vehicle and that seat should have appropriate safety provision (seat belt, child seat, harness etc.)

Full details of the event, including Hotels/Camping etc. is HERE.


Booking is PER VEHICLE. Additional drivers/passengers with the same vehicle are free.

Vehicle/Participant limit: It is impossible to predict what rules will be imposed on activities by the Government. We may be forced it implement a limit on attendance AFTER BOOKINGS HAVE BEEN TAKEN, I am sure you realise that Covid rules are outside of my control. Any limits will be placed based on the order of booking for the event. Any bookings beyond any Government limit will be refunded in full.


In the event the day is cancelled, all bookings will be refunded.

If you cancel your booking up to one month in advance of the date then your payment will be refunded subject to £10 fee for expenses incurred.

If you cancel within one month (4 weeks) of the date then refunds will be at the discretion of BigJimny.

Due to Covid, some details may change, I am sure you will understand we all have to be flexible.


The site we have hired has its own set of rules that must be adhered to, the site rules can be found HERE.

BigJimny has its own event rules that must be adhered to, these can be found HERE.

Submission of a booking is deemed acceptance of the event and site rules.

Covid related rules in place on the day MUST be obeyed.


A full information pack will be sent out JUST PRIOR TO THE EVENT with details of the events timing, directions to its location, guidelines for vehicle preparation prior to the event, please ensure you have provided a valid postal address.


Trailered vehicles are permitted, however this is a family drive around event so do not come if you expect to blast around in a "scrapper". The site owners reserve the right to refuse entry to vehicles that appear to be little more than scrap.


All data collected is solely for the purposes of organising the event, no data will be retained after the event (except payment details retained by payment provider). If you select to "Share my data" then your NICKNAME, VEHICLE TYPE and PHOTO will be listed in the attendance list (see menu above) and may be used on social media for promotional purposes. ALL other data (such as real name, address, registration etc.) will NOT be shared. Attendant data WILL be shared with any legitimate Covid tracking request post-event. All data will be deleted within 4 months of the end of the event.

BigJimny Meet 2020

Please enter your details here. I use these details to post the joining instructions etc. to you. Make sure they are correct!

Please enter your vehicle details here. Providing the registration number and colour will aid your check in to the event, the registration number will not be shared/published.

I would like to use a picture of your car and your name in promotional material for this event. Please upload a picture of your car. This will be used in combination with your name, no other details will be shared.

Picture must be less than 2Mb in size, large files will cause an error and will return you to this page to start again!

You have to accept the rules of the event, particularly noting the adherence to any Covid restrictions in place on the day and realising there may be an enforced limit on attendance outside of BigJimny control or a medical (thermometer) check on arrival

Also note you are responsible for your personal health, BigJimny accepts no liability for any illness you may pick up at the event

Click the SUBMIT button to be taken to the payment screen. Please do not press submit unless you want to complete the payment process as it can confuse the system. If you have just been looking at these screen then please press BACK.

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