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Don't over grease your CV's!!

Don't over grease your CV's!!

So, as described in the previous blog post (  I am chasing down a wobble prior to selling LittleJimny. I am preparing a "How to" video but here is an advance finding from my work. The previous owner must have had the Kingpin Bearings changed at some point as the swivel was packed with standard grease. Worse still the grease had solidified into one large lump stuck on the side of the CV joint. This would not affect any wobble (as pointed out by some members) as the shaft does not normally rotate, still the manual from Suzuki says only 100g for the whole assembly (CV, Swivel, Swivel seal).

Here is a still from the forthcoming video. The orange circle shows the lump of grease.

Kingpin Bearings - The Video
LittleJimny - Steering Wobble

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