24/11/11 - Removing the shock

24/11/11 - Removing the shock

So its slowly onwards with the work. Those of you who what the forum will have seen me comment on the problem of corroded bolts and difficult access. The most challenging in a suspension upgrade is the bolt at the top of the rear shocks. This is left in the mud and muck and suffers the constant pounding of the suspension. Typically its rusted in place and the inner steel bush sleeve is cold welded to the bolt through the impact.

When I first "tested" the bolt on the drivers side, there was no movement, so I have been soaking it every day with various penetrating oils. Tonight I decided to "go for it!"

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4/10/09 - Bent it!

We went to the CSMA drive around day at Aldermaston. This is the first time they have visited a "Pay and Play" site as a private booking so it was a nice, small, select crowd that gathered at the Alddermaston site. The conditions were rock hard after the very dry spell we have had recently so there was a touch of damage picked up here and there.

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15/12/11 - Rebuilding the Axle

So you may recall that in preparing for my replacement lift we discovered some major damage to the rear axle.

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22/10/11 - Replacing the Wing

Those of you who have seen my Jimny may recall that it has a dented front wing. This has been like this since I bought it, but despite it being a large dent it is actually quite hard to see.

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14/10/11 - Putting the Panhard back together..

The first job is to sort out the Panhard Rods.

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