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Old Man Emu vs Des Sol

Lil Red SJ - Steering Vibration - Second step


Yesterday I took the SJ to the Tyre Centre and got all 4 wheels balanced. I chose to do all four so I can mix and match the wheels around the car without worrying about balancing. With the wheels balanced the drive home was much better, but not perfect. The "wobble" we are getting is not a death wobble, its more of a mechanical vibration. Our ...

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Lil Red SJ - steering vibration


James' SJ flew through its first MOT with us last week and then typically we detected a vibration in the steering  this weekend despite nothing being reported. Now long term Jimny owners know all about "Death Wobble" and worn Kingpin bearings, however before stripping it all apart there are some initial basic checks, the first of which is...

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Fitting spring silencers


I have been plagued by a twittering squeak from the suspension. When working on our Gen4 Jimny I realised that there were spring silencers on the bottom of the springs. Therefore I bought a set for BigJImny, here is the video 

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How to centre the steering wheel after a lift


Following lots of comments on Facebook etc. I decided to produce this video to clarify the process of getting the steering wheel straight after a lift. Its a simple process requiring two spanners and 10 minutes of your time! 

If you have a particular video you want me to make to answer a question then let me know!

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Charging a Gen4 Jimny


With a lot of Jimnys being "weekend" or hobby cars, battery life can be an issue. This video takes a quick look at battery charging 

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