So its Au revoir France and Ciao Italia. Over 6 hours of trail today with some more to come. A few more surfaced roads today although the breathtaking views made up for it. High enough today to come across ice and snow in places. Redmond found that the Italian off-road sections were in much better condition than the French. Part of the route was closed until 5pm so that part of the trail comes later in this blog (see the bottom section) A swift visit to a supermarket to collect a picnic for the evening drive over the closed section.

Jimny is holding out well, oil leak from rear has decreased (I know, no the oil has not all run out!). Will need a close eye on it tomorrow as some very big off-road sections ahead.

​Redmond and Becky returned to do the trail that was closed until the evening. Was longer than they thought and stormier and beginning to get dark