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10/04/09 - Offroading Trips

Don't forget to send in your pictures of Jimnys getting muddy!

Phil Bailey went to Cowm, near Rochdale and threw his gamely in the mud.....

Me and James went to TV4x4's event at Hogmoor Inclosure. This is one of the largest MOD sites around and our club pulled in nearly 120 vehicles to the event and still it was easy to be alone at the site.

A full gallery of pictures from the event is HERE

The Jimny performed well for its first real outing with the RockLobster Transfer Box. The revised transfer box mounts from Offroad Armory certainly have cleared the "tink tink" noise from the propshaft but this is at the expense of increased noise and vibration from the Transfer Box, no doubt transmitted through the stiffer mounts.

We had a number of small issues. The winch requires a rebuild as it is complaining noisily, I think it is full of water. Also the winch in/out switches are intermittent, again I was playing with the wiring under the dash for the new spotlights on the roof so I must have disturbed something. Inevitably the rear brake shoes are completely worn out so these need looking at. It also tended to overheat and I am sure the viscous fan is playing up.

Finally there is a horrible clunk from somewhere in the rear axle/transmission. It sounds like it is from the diff housing - I hope I don't have a diff rebuild on my hands?

Here are some pictures of the Jimny in action.

And yes - look  - its my old SJ! - it turned up for a paddle as well.


There were a couple of other Jimnys there - a road standard one and this modified one 

24/04/09 - Kerrys new snorkel
27/03/09 - Rocklobster Update

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