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Welcome to the BigJimny Wiki
A freely editable manual for the Suzuki Jimny.
"On-road, on-track, online!"
The Workshop Manual
Transmission, Clutch and Differential
Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tyres
Brake System
Drive Shaft and Propeller Shaft
Electrical System
Radio and Entertainment Systems
Jimny Info
Modding Your Jimny
Common Problems
"How-to" Guides
Frequently Asked Questions
Off-Roading and Green Laning
Reference Data
Help Out

Adding Information
Do not be afraid to add information! This is your resource. Take a look at the Help page to start editing and creating information. Do not worry about spelling or formatting as we can correct it.

Please do not upload pictures, diagrams or other information that may be copyrighted. For example: pictures of the genuine Suzuki workshop manual pages are Suzuki copyright and should not be reproduced here.

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