Front speaker upgrade (Jimny 4)

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Gen4 Jimnys are factory fitted with a pair of dual cone 10 cm front speakers. These can be replaced to improve the quality of the stereo sound.

This guide contains instructions on how to replace the stock factory front speakers in a Gen4 Jimny (2018 - ongoing).

Tools needed


  • Philips screwdriver;
  • Small flat head screwdriver;
  • Pliers;



The front speakers in a Jimny 4 are located in side doors.

Suzuki offers an accessory bracket kit allowing for these 10 cm stock speakers to be replaced with 13 cm speakers.

This guide is based on the installation of aftermarket 13 cm speakers.

The YouTube video below shows the installation process


  • Front speaker upgrade bracket kit
    • Suzuki P.N. 990E0-78R32-000;
    • The bracket kit includes all the parts needed for installation except the speakers.
  • Suitable 13 cm front speakers;
    • Pioneer TS-G1320F are known to fit in this position, and are supplied as OEM parts for installation in the rear of Jimny 4.

Gen4 frspk002.jpg

Gen4 frspk001.jpg

Trim removal

Gen4 frspk003.jpg
  • First remove the two Philips screws below the door handle and one screw in the door release recess, indicated in the picture.

Gen4 frspk019.jpg
  • Next, remove the trim directly above the door panel by pulling from the top leading edge to release the single white clip.

Gen4 frspk023.jpg
  • Then pull gently towards you and upwards to release the latches at the bottom connecting it to the door panel.

Gen4 frspk020.jpg
  • The door panel is secured with ten clips, nine white and one cyan.
  • The cyan one seems to be more robust and more likely to detach from the panel and remain in the door.
  • Clip positions are indicated in the picture.

Gen4 frspk018.jpg
  • Starting from the bottom leading edge of the door below the speaker grille, pull the trim away from the door panel to release each clip in turn.
  • Sharp tugs are more effective than gradual pressure.
  • Work your way along the bottom then up each side releasing the clips.
  • To release the central white and cyan clip, it may help to slide your arm up behind the panel from underneath.
  • Once all clips have been released, gently unhook the top lip of the trim from the door panel.

Gen4 frspk006.jpg
  • It is likely that some clips will have detached from the trim and still be located in the door, such as the cyan clip in this image.
  • Using pliers and a suitable flat head screwdriver, lever these out from the door and place them in the correct locations in the door trim.
  • Otherwise, reinstalling the trim back onto the door will be difficult.

Recommended additional works

While the side door trim is removed in order to install better front speakers, you might use the opportunity to perform some additional works in the exposed side doors along the way.

Speaker replacement

Gen4 frspk007.jpg
  • Using a Philips screwdriver, undo the three retaining screws holding the current speaker in place.

Gen4 frspk008.jpg
  • Pull the speaker away from the door and squeeze the wiring plug to remove from the socket.

Gen4 frspk021.jpg
  • Remove the three white plastic mounting points by compressing one side with a small flat head screwdriver and rotating.

Gen4 frspk010.jpg
  • Push three metal clips into place.
  • Each will click into place over the existing hole in the door panel.

Gen4 frspk011.jpg
  • Using one half of the coarser, black foam supplied, line the face of the mounting ring that will sit against the door panel.

Gen4 frspk012.jpg

Gen4 frspk013.jpg
  • Screw the mounting ring into place using three of the self-tapping screws supplied with the mounting kit.

Gen4 frspk014.jpg
  • Apply one half of the thin grey foam to the rear of your new speaker, adjacent to the speaker cone.

Gen4 frspk015.jpg
  • Then connect the supplied wiring harness to the speaker terminals.

Gen4 frspk016.jpg
  • Connect the wiring harness to the plug in the door panel and screw the speaker to the mounting ring, using self tapping screws that came with your chosen speaker.
  • Be very careful not to slip the screwdriver while screwing and damage the speaker cone.

Gen4 frspk017.jpg
  • Apply half of the thicker grey foam around the front edge of the speaker body, taking care not to let it adhere to the speaker cone itself.
  • Pinch the foam around the raised lip and make sure the foam is angled away from the center of the speaker, so that it doesn't fold over the cone when the door trim is reinstalled.

  • Leave the door trim detached for now and repeat the installation on the other door.
  • Once complete, test that both speakers work as expected.
    • Test should include both audio operation and the occurrence of any vibrations or rattles while the speaker is active.

Returning the trim back into position

  • To replace the door trim, start at the top, hooking the top of the trim panel over the black rubberised strip at the top of the door.
    • Check alignment by looking to see if the trim clips are in position to locate into the holes in the door panel.
  • Starting from the top, work your way down, pushing on the trim to click the clips into place.
    • Don't forget to push below the door release lever and handle to click the two central clips into place.
  • Reinstall the three Philips screws in the door release recess (1) and below the door handle (2 & 3).

Finally, enjoy your improved audio experience!