ABS System - Reading and Clearing Fault codes

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When the ABS system detects a fault, it lights a lamp on the dashboard. This means the controller has detected an issue and is highlighting it for attention.

In common with a lot of manufacturers, Suzuki expects you to return the vehicle to a dealer to get the problem diagnosed. Dealers subscribe to an expense proprietary code reader system to read the codes and it becomes an expensive process to find out what is wrong.

However, international regulations make it mandatory that non-Suzuki aligned garages can also carry out diagnosis, therefore Suzuki provides a manual way of getting the error codes out of the controller.

Preparing the read-out

The read-out of the error codes from the ABS computer is achieved by shorting out pins on a small connector located behind the dashboard. It is on the drivers side (both for Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive) behind the steering wheel, on the side of the steering wheel nearest the door.

Therefore, on vehicles with the steering wheel on the proper side (RHD) it is behind the dashboard behind the drivers right hand when it is holding the steering wheel.

If you are in one of those Jimnys with the steering wheel on the wrong side (a legacy of being invaded by Napoleon) then it is behind the dashboard behind the drivers left hand when it is holding the steering wheel.

It is a Blue colour connector with a PINK wire (with black stripe) and a Black wire and SIX connector positions but only two in use.

Reading the codes

To read the codes:

  1. Drive the vehicle at over 30 mph for at least 1 minute.
  2. Stop, switch off ignition.
  3. Using a piece of wire, short the two pins in the connector together.
    • Variation: Early models (with G13BB engine) require you to remove the ABS diode (pull it out) at this point, this is not shown in the picture (does anyone have a picture of the diode??)
  4. Turn on the ignition.

The ABS light will now flash a code to tell you the fault, the flashing repeats itself.

The code is a two digit code so will flash the first digit, pause for 1 second and then flash the second digit, then after a 3 second delay it will repeat.

Note Icon.pngIf more than one code is stored, then all the codes will sequence through

The codes are:

Code Reason
12 Normal
15 G sensor circuit fault
16 Stop lamp switch circuit fault
21 or 22 Righthand Front sensor fault
25 or 26 Lefthand Front sensor fault
31 or 32 Righthand Rear sensor fault
35 or 36 Lefthand Rear sensor fault
41 Right front Hold solenoid valve
42 Right front Release solenoid valve
45 Left front Hold solenoid valve
46 Left front Release solenoid valve
55 Rear Hold solenoid valve
56 Rear Release solenoid valve
57 Power source issue
61 ABS Pump motor circuit
63 ABS Solenoid valve circuit
71 ABS control module

Once complete, remove the wire.

Note Icon.pngDon't forget to return the diode back into position if you removed it !

Clearing codes

To clear the codes:

  1. Switch off ignition.
  2. Using a piece of wire, short the two pins in the connector together.
  3. Turn on the ignition.
  4. Pull and remake the wire link at least 5 times within a 10 second period.
  5. Turn off ignition and remove the wire.

To be certain that the clearing has been successfully performed, you can repeat the "reading the codes" procedure above to confirm that the code is now "12" = normal.

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